Home grown business in Arkansas

Hello again! it may be February already but I’m still feeling the excitement and possibility of the new year! And that means big changes and hopefully lots of growth. I wanted to share with you some of what’s on the horizon for me and my business this year. Daniel Moody Photos is growing up. And I’m really excited about it. When I started this business I just started. I literally just picked up my camera and start shooting. I had no business plan, or any idea how to market my services. It was a great way to learn but it’s also a recipe for mistakes. Over time I pinpointed the areas of business that most needed attention and basically schooled myself on how to run it all better. Over the past year I have conquered several of these large behind the scenes projects that, although probably boring to the average reader, have vastly improved the business aspect of my creative business. With that sturdy foundation in place I am so excited to move forward into the new year tackling the next big projects of redefining my brand identity and of adding a new-ish member to my team!

Yes it’s true! I got engaged and got a new business partner all at once! My soon to be wife Rebecca has been working with me for the past several years, assisting on shoots, learning a bit about editing, and just generally being an inspiring and creative team member. We got engaged in December (Yay!) and we will be married this summer! Naturally we see our lives are merging big time and thankfully she likes this work enough to join me in making this business everything it can be. Her official title in the company is Digital Marketing Director (fancy!) We are very much looking forward to the new workflow. You can expect to see much more engageing content from us on Facebook, Instagram, blog, and through a new newsletter as well. 

This new change in marketing management has us looking towards the future. After tons of brainstorming and soul-searching we created a plan to steer Daniel Moody Photos towards the kind of work we love the most. That involves better understanding our target market so we can serve them best. Who is that target market? Well it’s you of course! the entrepreneurs, dreamers, artists, musicians, non-profits, doers and makers of all kinds right here in our community. When you bring your gift to life it benefits us all, creating a web of rich culture, influencers, and tastemakers. Our dream is to help you succeed. To be competitive, to get noticed, to speak to your audience, you need outstanding imagery. No one can achieve success in today’s competitive visual climate without top notch photographic content. We want to meet that need. To work for the inspiring visionaries we see everyday, working hard to enrich our neighborhoods with great products, music, food and art. They get us inspired and make all of our lives better. The new mission and soul of Daniel Moody Photos is serving that market of independent, forward thinking folks that make and do. If you or someone you know is getting started on making their dream a reality this year we want to meet up and hear the story!

Thats all for now. Thanks for sharing in our big dreams and big changes for the coming year.