In celebration of Spring!

Last weekend found us relatively free of major client work so we eagerly seized the opportunity to develop a personal creative project. The inspiration was a high end designer children's clothing label and Daniel was itching to create the perfect studio light for it. On Saturday morning He transformed our living room into a spacious photography studio. Then, we all went out to purchase flowers. We had asked Mila the day before if she would be interested in modeling for a portrait session and she had enthusiastically agreed! As I wired together the flower crown and pinned it into her hair she happily remembered the festivities around her mother's wedding day! I was relieved the experience was making positive connections for her. Mila followed her Dad’s instructions well and we wrapped up the whole session in under 15 minutes, right as our subject started to get bored. perfect timing! We abandoned the studio and we all walked down the road so Mila could roller skate in the parking lot. 

Thank you for looking, and a big thank you to our model Mila Moody!